College students are more suitable for several positions


was in college, my spare time than class time more than high school to college is much easier, you can find something to do in their spare time, or time wasted pity, so what are the students in the school are more suitable for the job, Xiao Bian today take you a look.

college students how to make money: tutor

tutor, the most common way to make money. College students are living in an ivory tower, God’s favored one, but also has its own unavoidable weaknesses: there is no practical experience, the lack of real skills. College students how to make money, therefore, college students can only find their familiar areas to make money. As a college student, previously learned knowledge is the most familiar to them, but also the most adept at. Family education is one of the best choices, but also the most accepted by college students.

how to make money:

writes, the most enviable open source approach. Some fluent and quick witted students for newspapers and magazines and even some websites as writer, rewarding, and can quickly improve the visibility, the most enviable. College students how to make money, now some of the newspaper article in 1000 100 yuan, a month to write a few thousand small, living expenses would be covered. Some will be in the hands of the pen wandezhuan master, dedicated to some fashion magazines or documentary, remuneration is alarmingly high. Therefore, some students will learn to write articles to newspapers and magazines contribute to subsidize their own living expenses.

college students how to make money: translation

translation, the most decent way to make money. Translation of foreign language materials, it can be said that the Department of foreign language or higher level of college students the best way to income. The return of high and low, relatively low interpretation, translation. How to make money in college students, due to the lack of professional knowledge of college students, subject to greater restrictions, not many people can engage in this work.

college students how to make money: sell

marketing, the most challenging job. College students do part-time jobs in a wide range, some in the company as a part-time clerk, and some part-time in the service industry as a waiter. Students do no lack of such people. College students how to make money, marketing is a very exciting and challenging work, very suitable for those who have a strong desire for success.

college students how to make money: shop

shop, the most common way to make money. College students, on the one hand, can make full use of College Students’ customer resources; on the other hand, due to familiar with the consumption habits of peers, so easy entry. College students how to make money, is due to take the student route, so rely on cheap to attract customers. In addition, due to limited funds, not recommended

A child’s money is best earned and earned!

In the

era of development, social progress, but it is unable to change the spoil the child, not to spoil the child before give children enough material, but now every family are rich, that invest in a baby store you can earn huge profits!

from market data analysis: China’s city of neonatal supplies family average monthly consumption of 900 yuan. Coupled with the vast number of rural areas in the city of infant consumption, China’s infant supplies market will be more than 100 billion yuan a year market size.

the management form stores some excellent quality, moderate price brand children’s products, baby products will become the mainstream market in the future.

The starting point of

the current investment in the domestic brands of infant supplies stores have been higher, in general should be about 15-25 million. However, due to the brand management is the form of the product quality can be strictly guaranteed, and more lucrative.

to do business, the market is always the sales leader, currently has such a huge consumer groups in the market Chinese baby, is bound to an unprecedented, open a baby supplies store so you yibenwanli!


Entrepreneurship is like marriage these three stages is the only way to start a business

entrepreneurship is like marriage, at the beginning of full of enthusiasm, the middle will encounter a variety of episodes, many people choose to give up halfway, a lot of people insist on down, through the bottleneck period, and gradually entered the stage of stable development. The only way to start a business: honeymoon period   bottleneck period   stable development period.

The founder of Alex 

honeymoonOf course,


the honeymoon period is over, you will find the psychological fatigue; strategy, the first idea you may have 80% proved to be wrong, also appeared a lot of new problems you did not expect, and sometimes can not be resolved; human resources, you should talk to relatives and friends, also talked about. There may be only one or two, can give you valuable resources, and then find someone, let you feel the new clue; and the market, you have no way to use the "new" to Bo eye, let the mass market acceptance, also need time.

At the same time

How to get

the bottleneck of course experience is painful, but unfortunately it is unable to avoid, each case has a variety of different conditions. It’s just a little experience. Psychologically, "Keep  Calm  and  Carry  on", be prepared to focus on your career. At the same time, be careful when you start a business

With the help of the Urumqi tourism industry so that all farmers and herdsmen get rich – the whole n

after the material life level has been greatly satisfied, people pay more attention to the spiritual level of consumption, so the tourism industry in the current market is very popular. As the capital of Xinjiang Urumqi city tourism industry base, Urumqi County, relying on the unique tourism resources, to create "two world", to create "four national level" as the goal, to the construction of international tourism in Nanshan District, tourism development and improve the livelihood of the people at the same time, let the farmers get rich on the fast lane.

Heavy traffic

weekend tourists Fang Jia Zhuang Cun, Urumqi County, the people in a continuous line, as the first to achieve the central heating of the village, in August this year, along with the gasification project vigorously implement the Nanshan, the village more than and 200 villagers have soil boiler in the past, every family to achieve a centralized heating. Living in the more than and 100 square metres Sanshiliangting, breathing the fresh air, the villagers Liu Wenxia particularly meet: "through the natural gas, heating, cooking. With all the natural gas, feel particularly convenient, do not feel it is in rural areas, a natural oxygen bar, much better than the city, the traffic is more convenient later, life will become better and better."

The development strategy of

in accordance with the ecological county, tourism County, Urumqi County, playing a combination of boxing in clean energy, to promote the "clean Nanshan" project, as of now there are more than 2 thousand rural households are using natural gas, more than 12 thousand farmers and herdsmen housing completely improve. A number of quality, rural tourism attractions is increasingly shaped blossom everywhere, Damiao village villager Zhao Zeling said happily: "now the farmhouse opened, good living conditions, the street lights and consequently there is much better than the original conditions, particularly tourism to people."

of Urumqi city as an important ecological source of Urumqi county’s tourism resources occupy the city’s tourism resources in 60%, and snow sports base target party committee and the municipal autonomous region proposed to build international famous mountain tourism resort, a world-class professional base and create a winter sports park, Nanshan Glacier National Scenic Area and the national tourism resort, national ice, the next five years, Urumqi will accelerate the Nanshan landscape upgrade.

Deputy director of

Urumqi county planning and Construction Bureau Li Xinan said: "plans to invest 3 billion, to focus on enhancing the Nanshan scenic area construction, architectural style, the comprehensive improvement of rural living environment, waste water treatment, landscape garden design, 17 years to achieve 100% home tap water and natural gas 100% households, 100% into the sewage collection pipe to collect, create a pleasant scenery, service facilities, visitors with world-class tourist resort."

"relying on the tourism industry, to lay a portfolio", then, Urumqi county will adhere to the development of global tourism, tourism and agricultural tourism around, information, tourism and environmental protection + + concept, establish, everyone everywhere scenic tourism service concept, make recommendation

Google eyes good project

Google is the world’s leading search engine, has a huge user base, and global visibility, people trust and respected. So, in the eyes of Google, what are the current entrepreneurial good projects? May wish to come together to understand.

clean energy

unmanned vehicle

in Google’s eyes, the car is not only a means of transport, it is also a need for a large number of data and a lot of money to solve the engineering problem. Wouldn’t it be fair to say that a company that provides navigation and street view data, and then the development of driverless vehicles to take you out of the way, is that

"New York Times" disclosed that, as a part of Google unmanned program, Google is to be self driving too fast driving somewhere, passengers can get the local commercial advertising information.

cancer treatment


A new breakthrough in the apparel industry baby industry

‘s new baby industry to allow more businesses to find good opportunities to join. The development prospects of baby clothing industry is very worthy of attention, if you have confidence in investing in this industry so quickly a lot of attention to business as soon as possible, to grasp the good opportunity to get rich.

"baby boom" has accelerated baby consumption and upgrade more attention, the rapid development of children’s clothing industry in the future, all obvious to people, baby industry will be a breakthrough in garment industry. A data show that China’s economy is growing at an annual rate of more than 45% of children in the high-speed running".

China Garment Association full-time vice president Wang Zhuo believes that under the new normal, obvious to people rapid development of the industry of children’s clothing industry, baby industry will be a breakthrough in the clothing industry, people’s consumption level is more and more high quality requirements of children’s clothing is more and more high, children’s clothing to cross-border cooperation.

budding International President Xie Aimin also said that in the baby growing consumption China, through large data, information, multi-channel, Internet plus thinking, set baby industry chain upstream and downstream resources, through direct manufacturers, the formation of complementary advantages, to create a comprehensive consumer experience venues will become the theme of the future trend.

baby industry will have great development space in the future, if businesses can now grasp the rich good nature is the best business, small business investment to bring more information for you, so you can easily mining wealth opportunities.

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The Royal Hong ribs to join trusted

high profit food and beverage franchise project selection, has been very business opportunities, with a unique choice. So, small business franchisee to choose to join the fragrant pork? High quality entrepreneurial projects, a good choice for successful entrepreneurship!

2017 Deli opened money? The fragrant cooked food to give great impact, making process through years of inheritance more delicious, sweet but not greasy, not your taste, it is wise for people to choose to eat, give you unlimited business opportunities, entrepreneurial bring more competitive projects, so that each investor enjoy flying in the restaurant in the world.

2017 do you make money in a deli? Good projects make it easier for you to make money

1. low investment, high return: the fragrant cooked small business, from the shop decoration to the successful operation, the headquarters will be dropped to a very low cost, the main products: the fragrant food, distinctive features, by the industry as the first private pork, high returns.

2. flexible operation, big and small: the fragrant food brand operating flexibility, 3 square meters to 5 square meters can be opened takeaway, small investment, fast money, the flagship store in the form of entity + takeaway snacks, not only to expand the business, and both wealth.

3. brand image, the absolute quality: goko food franchise headquarters appointed well-known advertising company planning brand image, store image of national unity, integration of promotion, can improve the good management and help the store brand awareness.

2013 to open a deli to make money? Low, high, fast, province, each kind of no less!

: the low goko cooked to join the project low cost, million start, low cost, low risk and quick money, get rich quickly, the chance of people


: high plus ossification Mongolia solution high returns, wealth myth, every customer tumbled doors, Song Yu Xiang food franchises, the money created myth


: fast hassle free, fast, fast, the fragrant meal cooked fast money


: mind, worry free shop, the Royal Hong food franchise headquarters will help, worry free shop, relaxed



the fragrant pork? Experienced constant innovation, continuous progress, and now worthy of trust, it is worth joining the choice has been optimistic. Small business choose to join the fragrant pork? Open her own song goko pork stores, the shop is made!

College students to do poineering work in these areas promising

college students themselves is very difficult, there is no social practice and work experience, such as entrepreneurship is not the foundation of the house, seemingly precarious. Want to succeed in business, you need to develop in their own areas of expertise, so as to avoid some of the risks.

from their own field more easy to start with. A lot of students to do part-time, in college after graduation, they used to do some familiar with the campus, campus agent, such as cosmetic agent or agent for education and training, tutor intermediary services for college or university life, will be a good connection and entrepreneurship. Some students start secondary things service, some girls do cosmetic agents, as well as students directly use the campus information DM newspapers, journals and magazines, have opened a bookstore and copy shop near the University, these are a good choice of business.

catering services

home service economy

network business


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Clothing chains want to look at these without losing money

would like to open a clothing store, it is necessary to master the skills, otherwise it is likely to make your clothing store inventory too much, operating pressure is too large, or even lose money. Clothing chain stores do not want to lose money, we should understand the following content, we take a look at.

1, conform to the clothing store chain

for the store business, the location will have a direct impact on the store business, so clothing chain stores the location can not be sloppy, then the correlation, and then select the cost-effective place to open a clothing chain stores, so that they can do the first step in the shop.

2, target consumer groups

actually when choosing a brand will be first on the area where consumers are detailed market survey, including their age, occupation, gender, income level, consumption habits, and according to the investigation results analysis of the selection of clothing brand and business focus.

3, effective publicity

4, store design to be reasonable

The design of

5, effective display goods


Country cowboy rock barbecue

today’s barbecue is still able to bring good returns for investors, but also the development of the project in the market will bring considerable investment business opportunities. So in the huge market, how to join the country cowboy rock barbecue barbecue food can bid farewell to the traditional, but also to meet the health and nutritional needs of the public.

pretty tasty, features

Volkswagen has a higher degree of love for the barbecue, which makes the whole project in the market has a better development. Then the village cowboy rock barbecue join? The company developed a special seasoning packet, the chicken, beef and mutton, pork, rabbit hundreds of preserved material, which greatly shrink, keep the delicacy barbecue roast paste, then can improve the production rate of depth.

rich products, different production

here, of course, has a very rich product, on the basis of the barbecue is able to fully meet the needs of modern people, not only rich in food, different barbecue in its production is also very particular about. Cowboy country rock barbecue join? Brazil barbecue, barbecue, Lo crazy wings, the different ingredients of different treatment, in order to bring you different taste.

a variety of flavors to meet consumer

country cowboy rock barbecue join? Traditional barbecue in the taste of a single, even if it is delicious barbecue, after a long time can not meet the needs of the public. Country rock cowboy barbecue, the headquarters developed a variety of Jiao expected, can bring more taste to modern consumer barbecue, a comprehensive solution to Tastes differ all tastes.