Feng Shui must open a shop to learn pure dry goods

now, the shop is also very particular about feng shui, then you know what kind of suitable for business, what kind of site is more likely to attract popularity? Here, Xiaobian take you to look at the shop about Feng shui.

1, the store should pay attention to Feng Shui on thick, in front of mountain and hill case is relatively low, with humility, in peking. So the choice of shops in the shop around, must be careful, in general can be near the shops, but not to the shops, especially through the heavy traffic traffic at large. At least in the same industry.

2, shop building suddenly concave, it will cause Qimai disruption, it is difficult to shop here poly gas, the best drink shop in shops hall the same height, so long have potential to stop gas accumulation. The hall is very important, we must open shops in front of plain, not what barrier. Suddenly many prominent shop somewhere also destroyed the dragon’s continuity and unity, disturbed flow.

3, the south, the purpose is to avoid the summer heat and winter cold. If the shop toward the north, winter is also unimaginable. Cold is a cold evil spirits, overweight, harmful to all business activities. The clerk was chill, another kind of suffering, the body also dingyiding, poor health is likely to get sick.

4, although the clerk is clothes on fire, but was overweight, so the clerk refused to move, will make the goods flow slowed, resulting in reduced sales of goods.

5, shops do not face the T intersection, it is not appropriate to choose the end of the corridor, it is not appropriate to face tall buildings after the elevator. It should avoid unpropitious stores, mainly refers to some kind of chimney, toilet, cowshed, stables, funeral homes, hospitals and other easy to make people feel psychological discomfort caused by the building, not auspicious building information, Feng Shui as xiongqi.

6, the corner of the shop is best not to open the door directly to the corner, to open in the side, so that both the flow of people to bring the gas, but also to avoid the rush from the wind. So the shop is not very big, it is best to choose the next door.

In fact,


Beat the truth to take care of his girlfriend destroyed three concept

a lot of people are willing to believe that love is very good, therefore, the debt of 200 thousand pairs of vegetative girlfriend never betray the story touched thousands of friends. But what is the truth of the matter? Beat his girlfriend on their care, there is such a thing as destroyed three concept.

"borrow 200 thousand of the vegetable story, never abandon his girlfriend" interpretation is "hold your hand, and son" the legend of love. Wake up a girlfriend and the amazing insider! The sense of "Crazy" boyfriend Liu Feng and mysteriously disappeared. Where did he go? Did the girl’s injury have anything to do with him? Was it an accident or a murder? Things are complicated and the truth is confusing!

2015 January, vegetative girl Lin Yingying in the hospital for nearly half a year of treatment, the condition is stable and can be discharged.

"city buildings and the environment temperature is better than rural areas, but also to the recovery of her daughter’s condition." It is with this idea, Yingying was discharged directly after her boyfriend Liu Feng and took back the temporary rental housing in Wafangdian City city. Although Liu Feng and her daughter’s intimate care, but because of her daughter can not rest assured, Lin father Lin Shuqing repeatedly visited her daughter’s residence.

"Yingying, to tell you the truth, your illness is what happened, how will the unprovoked fell so heavy?" since the daughter hospital started every time Lin Shuqing asked Liu Feng and Yingying is how to fall, Liu Feng and always hesitant. The doctor said, can break the skull, at least fell from the five floor. Yingying gradually stabilized until after discharge, Liu Feng and Lin family’s attitude is very cold or even extreme, these are so confused Lin Shuqing.


Children’s furniture store prospects

children’s furniture market prospects are good, but too few qualified brand projects. Many brands because of quality, it is difficult to achieve breakthrough development. If you want to invest in the industry, you need to find a suitable brand project. Broad market prospects of the industry, attracting a lot of attention to franchisees, people can not help heart.

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Golden broom Award for Yang Mi to win the title is helpless

There are many kinds of entertainment

annual awards ceremony, this is not the "Youth Film Handbook" "2015 annual Top Ten Chinese"   and the seventh golden broom award   awards ceremony began,   has attracted more and more attention; the golden broom award after Yang Mi.

"Youth Film Handbook" "2015 annual Top Ten Chinese"   and the seventh golden broom award ceremony was held in March 20th   Beijing Bona Star Theater, the ceremony by the "Youth Film Handbook" and poison APP jointly organized by star Yue Ning Yi culture media Co, Pan Jie, Li Xuegang, Yang Zhenglong hosted.

Wang Xiaoshuai, Liu Xiaoqing, Aaron Kwok

"intruder" for "blood" riding a big winner   Aaron Kwok, Liu Xiaoqing appeared to accept the 2015 movie unabated, good reputation, but also the domestic film making with the quantity and quality of recovery. "Youth Film Handbook," the annual Chinese top ten by the Hongkong film critics, Taiwan film critics Tu Xiang nomination, "Youth Film Handbook" editorial department selected winners.

won the "Youth Film Handbook" "2015 annual Top Ten Chinese mainland" five films, Taiwan films three, two film from Hongkong. "Intruder", "mountains and rivers", "riding old blood", for "the assassin," Nie concealed woman "drunk   dream die" hundred days "," farewell, "master", "I am a passer-by," "a spoon", "home in the lush green place". "The Youth Film Handbook" 2015 annual "top ten Chinese" award, the highest achievement of the film on behalf of the 2015 Chinese film.

"rookie of the year" by "and" blood for spring and summer on "I am" passerby Wan Guopeng; in addition to recommend

Fast food franchise business skills sharing

fast and good market prospects, many consumers because of the accelerated pace of life, the demand of fast food is very obvious, driven by the continuous development of the fast food market, out of a clean and sanitary food stores can obtain consumer praise, to attract good business. Small series based on the success of the food industry in the case, as we summed up the secret of the successful operation of fast food franchise, here is a look at it.

to be successful operation of fast food stores, the location is very important, according to the brand management style to the position, according to investors for the crowd to choose the most appropriate address as soon as possible to occupy more market. For example, investors intend to open a small, simple management of fast food franchise stores, you can choose the location of the community, commercial street, University, where most women spend.

now not only spell spell features, delicacy, strengthen staff training is necessary. As a manager can store the proposed learning team in fast food, so that every employee in the organization constantly learning, and give full play to the creativity of employees, improve management, technology and service, to obtain sustainable competitive advantage. And operators not only to listen and listen.

How to join the subway fast charge

the new era, you will be able to feel more and more people’s demand for fast food, food and beverage industry is growing rapidly, how to get a share of their own, you have to look at the brand.

The rapid development of

economy makes people’s pace of life is accelerating, more and more white-collar workers and other cities do not have much time to sit down to enjoy the delicious, fast food has become the first choice for dining. With the passage of time, the problem of fast food is becoming more and more unhealthy, healthy and nutritious fast food has become an urgent need. He is such a taste of food and beverage brands with real delicacy to attract consumers, and become members of the health experts, good intentions of every meal.

now sub-health constantly invade our bodies, health has been urgent, bearing subway? Although in a busy life, many consumers are eating out, but this does not hinder the pursuit of healthy delicacy pace, only healthy delicacy can give consumers physical capital, subway is now bearing lotus catering market meal in the classic delicacy, even in comparison with many brands, he can taste this is because the bearing talent shows itself, taste in each food product use the most fresh ingredients, absolutely not appear bad shoddy phenomenon.

how to join fast food?

nutrition and delicious delicacy both in today’s market less and less, subway charge? Charge subway although only fast food brand, but pay attention to the use of materials made, in addition to consumer nutrition, adding health formula is beneficial to the body in the mixture, after cooking, exudes nutrients the rich, so that consumers have the opportunity in the busy work, care for their own health.

healthy diet is high in this era, bearing a health food taste but rookie brand, can stand in the most practical perspective for consumers to consider, will be the most nutritious and healthy delicacy presented in front of consumers, become everyone’s health experts.

The whole can not adding the trimmings during operation

believe that many people should have such a shopping experience, you buy is not a rare commodity, but after the salesperson introduction, but can become "it should only be the sky, earth rarely heard several times" treasure, everyone in listening is not to laugh or cry after? So, if a business process may not be approved to adding the trimmings.

to go to other provinces and friends, at present I think of our specialty jujube in northern shaanxi. One day, my wife and I went to a large supermarket, entered the jujube sales area. Before we look carey, suddenly went up to several promoters, everyone said how good, how will your date is pure, this is the usual fruit that miraculous, but does not make people feel good.

although it is really necessary to sell their goods to customers, however, to introduce customers to the goods, the need to be concise, rather than gushing, to give customers enough time to think, to judge. When customers need advice, operators must from the objective of avoid unrealistic, as if it were raining flowers. Business to customer enthusiasm, promote the commodity should be courteous and accessible language, the principle of seeking truth from facts, that avoid adding the trimmings.

Chen Miaolin the first person – the Zhejiang hotel chain

good service can bring good business opportunities, now all walks of life are the same, in recent years the rapid development of the hotel industry, many entrepreneurs to open their own hotel Road, so the hotel chain which matters needing attention, the following small for everyone: Chen Miaolin will introduce the hotel chain "first" entrepreneurial experience.

"good service will change people’s consumption habits, improve the service level of a region." Nctg chairman Chen Miaolin says. The love of cycling, playing golf, swimming Zhejiang, Zhejiang is also engaged in the Turisthotellet industry in the first person".

25 years ago, from the Xiaoshan Bureau of supplies transferred to the general manager of Xiaoshan Hotel, Chen Miaolin 33 years old. He started from the service, is committed to changing the face of this government Hostel, there was a bit emotional, do not want to go. But since the next task, it is necessary to do a good job." Chen Miaolin looks back.

"when the waitress to guest ‘hello’, guests will feel strange:" I’m not good who is good? " After a period of time, the waiter used to say hello, and the guests have adapted to this kind of greeting." Chen Miaolin said with a smile.

2000, the last batch of state owned enterprises in Xiaoshan. Chen Miaolin price of 60 million yuan to buy all the shares of new century tourism, and make the business to extend downwards. Kaiyuan development of the basic model is to be secured by the hotel bank funds, and then carry out real estate development, but the premise is to ensure the stability of the shop every year. Prior to the construction of the hotel all rely on their own funds to expand, slow pace. After 2005, Kaiyuan modeled on foreign hotel business model, the output of brand management.

"Kaiyuan to their previous investment in the development of the hotel, in recent years, focusing on the development of hotel management management, output." Zhejiang’s most adept at changing strain, Chen Miaolin is no exception. Over the years, he has been exploring new roads. The 18 hotel opened in 2012 of new century tourism, 16 is the management. The new century park tourism resort complex project has also introduced the world’s most popular and most popular family short holiday park model to recommend

The of Tourism Festival opened in Wenzhou – the whole


will be Internet plus applied to the tourism industry, is to promote local economic development? Recently in Zhejiang, in order to "snare magical landscapes Wenzhou legend Tour" as the theme of the ninth session (· China; Wenzhou) Tourism Festival and the 2017 tourism destination marketing conference opened in Zhejiang, Wenzhou.

deputy director of National Tourism Bureau Li Shihong, deputy director of the service center director Li Jian, deputy director of the Department of planning and Finance Information Center Wu Kefeng, Xin Hongye, Chinese Internet Association Vice President Gao Lu Lin, Provincial Tourism Bureau deputy party secretary, deputy director, inspector Fu Wei, Wenzhou City Vice Mayor Miao Weilun and other leaders and related enterprises, universities, media representatives a total of more than 300 people gathered in Wenzhou to discuss the "Travel + Internet" integration of new development path.

Li Shihong said in his speech, the Internet is to change the means of this society, and tourism is to change the way the society, both have two common characteristics, one is everywhere, the two is a powerful engine. While vigorously promoting the global tourism, as a tourist, should call for information, ing.

promote the integration development of them, not only to focus on promoting the growth of tourism consumption, we should pay more attention to leveraging the tourism supply side reforms; not only pay attention to the tourism, we must pay more attention to the global tourism; not only pay attention to enterprise products, we must pay more attention to the tourism public service.

should not only pay attention to information technology in the horizontal use of tourism, but also pay attention to information technology in the field of tourism vertical development. Wenzhou Tourism Festival is China wisdom tourism and global tourism research important research platform, the platform, is a tourism and the Internet will better meet, believe that as the "Travel + Internet" development to create more useful reference.

said a walk on the go so many people heart, a lot of people will be plagued by a variety of factors, missed a lot of opportunities to relax. The current of Tourism Festival by the National Tourism Administration Information Center, Chinese Internet association guidance, Wenzhou Municipal People’s government and the Zhejiang Provincial Tourism Bureau jointly organized, jointly hosted by the Wenzhou Municipal Tourism Bureau and the Zhejiang provincial tourism information center.

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