News marketing adds fuel to the flames

is now an era of information overload. The enterprise brand marketing environment China compared with 10 years ago, the number of media has increased 10 times, the media price increased by 10 times, the number of advertisements also increased 10 times, the advertising effect is diluted 10000 times, advertising today is in 1/10000 do creative effect. Advertising is dead, not advertising is dead. How to do? The Americans in "the tipping point" (The Tipping Point) in the book to our domestic small and medium enterprises lit up the ideas, the book reveals the reasons behind why many things can be popular, the main idea is popular, news, word of mouth is the need to push. Corporate branding is the fuel of news, not manufactured, nor bombed by advertising. If the advertisement lacks the key element of creating a brand – the credibility will be unimaginable and where will the credibility come from? Only public relations can be detonated by news.

, a new enterprise must have publicity in the media, otherwise it will have no chance in the market. So what should I do about journalism? I think the best way is to advertise it as the first one, in other words, try to be the first brand in a new category. The news media are always looking for news eyes, what is the first, what is hot, and they are most concerned about. When your business brand produces news, it has news value. From 2005 to 2006, when the Xinxiang mountain snow lotus speculation, also caused the news speculation, the news effect is not high; can be said to be a tipping point, role. In addition, advertising is to maintain corporate brand, and news is to shape corporate brand. Advertisement is better than fame, news is better than reputation. Therefore, advertising plays a major role in the initial stage of China’s market, while in the development stage, the role of advertising is degraded, and news becomes the most important. If your enterprise brand advertising investment is very strong, but brand marketing has nothing to do with it, then you remember the following words: news first, advertising second.

I think that marketing is communication and communication is doing things out of thin air, nothing good, things into the event, business news into social news. Generally speaking, the news marketing is not out of thin air, but according to the rules of news, news and events in the body have a certain news planning premise, a planned system of marketing promotion. Market economy is ruthless, precisely because of the various information encountered in marketing, lack of funds, methods are not in place, the active use of news marketing, I believe that can alleviate or lift the above problems. This article originates from:

Talk about the experience of the station for several months

song, suddenly fleeting, university life has passed a year’s time, this is "webmaster" I am happy to let me worry about the special occupation with me through my first college life…..

as a 80, contact the Internet is still relatively late. The life of high school students with good learning, bored, tossing like me is not a good student type is desperate. The first young people who were exposed to computers were always confused, and the game became the only light in the emptiness of life. Think of his strength he had to play crazy, say a sad heart.

said that the university is a corner, into an ordinary university, coupled with the financial crisis in recent years, the uproar, life and career are confused. In order to get rid of the bondage of life, we can only find spiritual liberation in the virtual Internet life. But after all, virtual is virtual, and people are still facing the cruel reality. The day of the game, for the end is still the emptiness, I think this is the most common college students. Fortunately, however, I finally found a way to live my own life.

now, the Cangzhou forum has been building for more than a month. Although the results are not very satisfactory. But I firmly believe that the choice of their own and the owners of the road, as a rookie who does not understand the station, it can be such a result, really very happy for themselves. When I first started thinking about building a website, I always wanted to build a website related to college students. That students start hot cudgel thinking so there is to see students entrepreneurial idea website. Say, do, in the choice of domain name, it is a lot of brains, and finally identified the domain name for justice, "I want to win the struggle station."". This station in the painstaking efforts after a period of time because of various reasons failed. The specific experiences and lessons I will later in the paper to you meaning to.

‘s first site experience was a failure. But I’m still strong and have a plan to give up. Start planning your own second web sites. After careful study and pondering, now that the portal is popular, but also the future development trend of personal adsense. Thus began a massive march into the portal, the Cangzhou forum thus born. Select the domain name has also been thoughtful, but most of the domain name has been registered elders, finally decided to Cangzhou area code and phonetic form the domain name itself is satisfactory. Space or use the original struggle space, after all, he is a college student, not too many sources of income. Because the idea is to build a forum, so the program is DISCUZ7.0. After everything is ready, upload, modify, and a series of complex work.

finally built up the forum, but all the new webmaster faces the problem, where to find so many articles to fill the site?. Collection is fast >

User value and business value of local Forums

The development of

in 2010 to enter the local forum, there are two good external thrust: one is the 19 floor, long lane, Yantai community and a number of local forum’s growing influence, the formation of agglomeration eye benchmarking; two is the Kang Sheng DIXCUZ X14 29 Beta version of the release, the product development into a threshold reduce. Copycat copycat 19 floor, long lane at all levels of city, county and even emerge in an endless stream. But scanty can really learn the essence of the 19 floor, long lane. The treasure network ( is one of the best, from 2006 started. The classification of information network, the treasure network has covered more than 70% Internet users in Nanchang, Nanchang has been the first life. One of the other local forums,, was launched online in early 2010, but has had a wide impact in Jiangsu, Xuzhou. The reason for this is that, like many new local forums, Peng’s network started even later. In 2010 May, with the first Xuzhou Young Fashion Festival and the first Pengcheng Master show hot held, truly said they propaganda "and the concentric jump!". Another reason is that there is a lot of competition outside Pengcheng, and there are many powerful local forums in Xuzhou. Among them, the Pengcheng community, which has entered the top 100 websites of Chinese websites, is the most popular.

you know, the Internet industry already from eyeball economy era of competition, business model into the era of competition, and some recent signs indicate that more and more rapid cloning of business model, the Internet has been competition from the competition in the business model gradually similar to the traditional industry value competition era. For example, between the American pattern of Groupon originated from the U.S. mission network, appeared overnight, tens of thousands of imitators, but the real success of the future will have several? What can come out of the group purchase website Wai? Facing the dilemma, is the local forum predicament.

can say, from the legendary experience of early Internet Success sites, has not learned much valuable experience. The early development of the Internet economy rely on the concept of speculation, by the opportunity of the era has passed, whether the NetEase, Tencent, Alibaba, from now on how review is too high to be reached. Should we turn our attention to traditional industries? The answer is yes. The Internet is coming back to normal business rules. The rule is to follow the law of user value and business value. A good idea can drive a website to make money. In the past, the sky won’t drop, and the Internet will not.

I understand that user value is the user’s needs. Or delineation of the scope of local forums, to make some superficial analysis. To meet the needs of users of the product development, based on the contents of lead, network integrated marketing, embodies the correct user value. Take the growth of the Peng guest net, for example, "vegetable basket buying" is a neglected for everyone

Old domain name included practice test

a few days ago to do a net loan has registered the domain name, then check the domain name history to find the meters in 05 years began doing stand! Just hang up to 06 years of history! Query domain address: the following is my domain name history query graph:

used to listen to some SEOER said a advantage of domain name is also very easy!! and if the domain name before the weight of the high, new sites also can get good rankings! So I’ll take this test to the


first site built and DNS after a good, I did not go to the propaganda! A few articles, just ignore! Did not expect the second day site Baidu, found that the station was collected again! The keyword search, also have a certain ranking! It seems that Baidu of old meters special care claims really is not false. I think this is the old meters apart, so quickly included, the most important is to do stand, the type is the same as before, the same type of site! So the weight or some reservations, can get the favor and trust


summed up:

, a registered 1 meters before the best check under their own history, history of the year and all kinds of information, to see there was no K! (this is not fine to say, we search on the net).

2, to know before the site is what type of Baidu! What can query to the traces left before! If you can do the best with the same type of site before m! This will give you great help in the early site SEO! If you just want to do this type of it congratulations


Oh ~ temporarily summarize these two! Just found that 05 meters years also prepare the matter! I was too lazy to prepare directly is easy ah!!!! so that a selected, not only do not have to worry about not included! And good


the first address of this article is Guangxi seo: (please keep it for reprint).

What is the most important way to improve website traffic, ranking and business volume

most of the owners are hoping to build the site near rapid promotion website ranking, improve website traffic because it feels the ranking, with the flow will have a business, in fact is not like this, although they have direct causal relationship, but it is not all that, through my years of summary, a feeling a website as long as there is a good brand, has a reputation, so ranking and traffic are natural, so we do before these must find a good reputation.

first I said before building up a reputation website for the work, I don’t know if you want to win the market through the brand, or the other way, here I say if you want to pass the word of mouth so how to design and optimize our website first, the most important thing falls on the website design, he is the site to get good rankings guarantee, but also traffic and brand building security, a good design can enhance our brand image, I took the network company as an example, the network company is doing network related business, so he website design must have a good degree of trust, so the main thing to show up, such as our business license, now has a 360 authentication.


he can easily show the company’s overall size and strength, but also see that the company is a business, and in 360 the browser can also be a good impression on the viewer, re design, our website must be professional, must open the top speed to give people a good feeling, it is important, after all our sites are full open, a little justified. Century style must be concise and easy, reflected the image of the company, can not open web pages, in the case, does not require much, must be fine, not too complicated structure, the basic design can be.

Besides the

website optimization, after all, we still have to get good rankings, the first is when we set up good brand, they search for the name of our company can be found, it is, so I suggest that the first station is the name of the company, my suggestion is called, because when we in the promotion of the brand the text, the more short and easy to remember, for example, for example, I was in Harbin the actual web design, then I will write the actual design or actual web design, "-" separated, then the business of our company is the first, the benefits of doing so can enhance the image, in the rankings when others can we find the first time to remember, if the name of the company in the end, many search engines do not show, when we have a business website Good rankings, you can not remember, so it is important to put, in one here, there is a point in the home page, coupled with Baidu share code


, this particular one I’ve seen recently, the benefits of this code are to a certain extent

The status quo and future of mini blog

speaking of mini blog, there may be a considerable part of Internet users do not know what it is, so rice whether or Tencent surging or in the help page inside the first is to explain what is what is the mini blog. If no meal: "what is the meal? No meal is a mini blog. Here, you can send messages anytime, anywhere, via cell phones, web pages, and MSN/GTalk/QQ, and watch friends all the time." "What is surging?" is an instant blog. "Here, you can chatter about anytime, anywhere, pay attention to your friends, and share your feelings anytime, anywhere."

introduced is simple, but also embody the "visible, many customers whenever and wherever possible, the blog is short and diverse strengths, as well as various published sources, the API plugin.

rice has provided three kinds of plug-ins: picture type, FLASH type, JavaScript type, surging has also been the three plug-in, but Tencent surging more detailed plugins, like pictures plug-in there are a lot of color style for users to choose, also reflects the value of the user is surging, and the number of days to active "thousand passengers" reflects the user identity, this point (ranking) rice is not done.

rice has published in the channel, it provides a lot of API, so any meal can be seen on many different published sources, while Tencent based on surging users, the majority of published way ", the second is the embodiment of the QQ robot.


above is compared with some two functions, actually Mini blog this emerging interactive community is not accepted by the public users, users may present as many elements as well as custom forum form for a long and minute statement, micro-blog provides only 120 word limit is very puzzling and disgusted, but not published audio and flash, can not see the graphic paste from elsewhere over, so the vast majority of users of this new thing is miles away, to chat QQ, QQ space to play, go to BBS.

seems to say a lot of nonsense, what is the status of the mini blog? What about the future? The reason why Fanfou and Tencent surging as a case, because micro-blog rice has long time, most of the accumulated experience, API and mature enough. And Teng Xun is what dare to try, because they have a huge user base, dare to try. If you do not eat rice and surging, rice may be better, the rice is not the user is really "share" spirit of the user, sharing is the most basic core of SNS. On the surface, a lot of users are on top of it, but the water is too deep for a bunch of little P kids to groan with boredom, because the real user base of micro-blog isn’t the small group of P kids. So micro-blog at this stage or in the initial trial stage, in China is not optimistic, so prospects, believe that eventually one day micro-blog can completely replace BBS, is not popular, but the trend, makes the interaction more convenient and quick, make sharing easier.

Writing no longer does not mean doing nothing

high yield, a month can toss out forty articles, now a month an article, and when too lazy to write. I think those behind many do fast blog has almost become a wilderness, a blogger for a long time do not update an article because bloggers not insist, now, this has nothing to do with a stick. Writing no longer does not mean doing nothing.

SEO, after all, is still that SEO, SEM is still the SEM, but for a long time immersed in network marketing activities, and found himself a kind of never regained consciousness. Now more and more not because Baidu has launched a what algorithm excited or sad; not because there are more and more blog was collected or published several articles and the like to touch the dog dog opinionated blog has not even; because the ranking and crazy narcissism, summed up a set of their own ranking system. As a matter of fact, we are only a dust in the net marketing. What have we got? In fact, we haven’t gained anything, because we haven’t lost anything at all.

no longer writes, does not mean not doing. Before a piece of code we can study for one or two hours; an article we can taste a few days to reprint a network tool to share; we can toss toss, we feel that we learned something, but found that the real implementation of it is the difference in the world. I like in the promotion process using the N online promotion channel, micro-blog, WeChat, SEO, SMS, email, auction and so on paid or free, with awesome activities, thought very accurate and effective, but that does not achieve the desired effect. Why? After careful consideration, I find that there is no problem in popularizing channels, and the problem is promotion itself. Do you know your promotion products? Clear the purpose of promotion you do? Do you know the audience? Do find the Internet and network marketing people fear most is the opinionated network promotion master, familiar with all kinds of promotion channels, but do not understand your product, audience and industry attributes.

, you’re just a salesman, and to be exact, online salesman, that’s what I’ve been positioning myself lately. Isn’t it? Think about what, what, what drainage PV conversion rate, these are just happen to you in the network promotion act, yes, you are engaged in network marketing, but the essence with the clerk about the bar. So, I also feel more and more pure network marketing people have great limitations, that is to put himself on the Internet in this circle, without paying attention to the line, disdain to understand what is "business". Far fetched to say that the Internet is retail, but also an advertising channel, we just send the newspaper, is engaged in logistics, is on the street leaflets.

stands firm. We certainly wouldn’t be Ma Yun, not Ma Huateng, not Robin Li. The greater value of Internet marketing is to help those small businesses that are on the line or have been carrying out network channels, but still in the initial stage, because the stage is open, transparent, and yes

Who’s the fighter in CMS N CMS content model evaluation

CMS system in 2007 has been relatively large changes, the concept of built-in channels have been basically eliminated, content model such a greater freedom of things come forward and grab everyone’s line of sight. Since it is a custom model, its customization and freedom should be very large, so with interest, I simply evaluate the content model functions of several major CMS systems in china.

this evaluation selects dynamic SiteFactory1.0, dedecms5.1, Empire 4.7 version, from the built-in model, add model, add field three aspects.

built-in model


easy to move SiteFactory built-in model



dedecms built-in model


Empire built-in model

number: from screenshots, we can see that these CMS systems are built with more frequently used built-in models, such as articles, pictures, downloads, etc., and the empire system has advantages in terms of quantity.

function: the basic functions include delete, increase, modify, copy and other functions, content model, information display aspects are very comprehensive. But since the SiteFactory node is able to support multiple models, the replication of the model is more comprehensive, and the dedecms and Empire columns support only one content model.

UI: This is easy to do and dedecms is good, from the interface and graphics have made some efforts, but dedecms uses more graphics instead of text, using more direct and friendly point. I think the empire system has to work harder on the interface.






move easy SiteFactory model, add interface


dedecms model adds interface



Empire CMS model adds interface

interface: add from the interface point of view, the imperial system model is added is the most tweaking, can only be added in the model based on the built model, and the model >

Tell me about the problems I encountered in the revision of the website

has been a week since the revision, and the site traffic is slowly recovering every day. But a little bit makes me feel very depressed. A few days ago, one of my website ( Baidu included very normal, these days I collected from Baidu query gradually found, the site included in the overall slow down. Faced with this problem, I thought for a long time. There can be only one reason for thinking:

some time ago to the DEDE station system. At that time, in order not to affect the traffic, all the static pages of the old website were placed in the present space. One purpose is to not affect the site traffic, not to let the old customers lost. But since the original program was written in ASP, it’s written in PHP. These two can’t run on the same server at the same time, so all the static pages on the old site are not ideal when they are opened. It can be said that people look a little disgusted.

this period of time, found that Baidu and Google also included some of the new web site content, so put the old site of the original static pages of all deleted, and made 404 error page prompt. At this point, the site included is still normal, and there is no gradual reduction of any symptoms.

but since last week, the number of websites has been decreasing gradually, from more than 3800 to more than 2000 now. Thinking for a long time, I do not know why this is exactly why. Last night, I suddenly thought of this website replacement program this thing up. So I think it may be caused by the website replacement program. Do not know this idea, right, perhaps master friend encountered this kind of circumstance, still ask expert to point out one or two.

In order to increase the degree of intimacy with the

search engine, now I stand all the composition, almost all the students to write the composition, is the individual is not the original composition, also under the treatment of the editor of this site, converted into the equivalent of the original composition. Is a purpose, causing the search engine attention, increase included. And then bring more traffic to the station.

therefore, I write down these contents here, only one point: do website, do not free to replace the program, must choose a very high evaluation website before the entire station program. Otherwise, your website is likely to be the same as my 5 star web. When you have high traffic flow, you will find more and more problems. Then you can only change the program, which is equivalent to making a new website. To search engines included more, that requires more long-term, uninterrupted, a large number of original updates. Otherwise, the consequences are hard to imagine. Everything before was almost zero.

Word of mouth Internet marketing kingly way

QQ I saw a friend, I was shocked. The signature VANCL, thought, every guest in the recruitment of QQ signature advertisements, talked for a while, he originally bought a pair of trousers, in every guest home, found that the quality and the website does not match, and we immediately contact customer service return, which know the process is very cumbersome a man to buy things, afraid of trouble, general goods to buy a hand, can it will, but this pair of trousers is really disappointed, when I mentioned the customer again, he said anything no longer willing to buy every guest, reputation is a double-edged sword, grasp is not good, it easily lead to negative effect is very strong, there is an old saying, Good news goes on crutches, qiuckly, and popularity of the network, instant messaging developed today, a ripple will produce huge waves, these problems Refracted out, is a network shopping era of integrity crisis, doomed the "light" model of success, but is a flash in the pan, unable to control the quality of the source of the company, and ultimately will be abandoned by users.

Whether it is PPG or

where customers do not have their own production factories, the old Beijing has an occupation called "Daoye", used to describe them is not an exaggeration, modern advertisements and profiteers with attractive prices to attract you, plus Photoshop (PS) a piece of landscaping, high quality and inexpensive clothing born, products to the terminal customers, the problem arose because of the apparel industry is not professional, and not too much to the supplier production process requirements, and the supplier is too much, the quality of the original is difficult to control the problem with a batch one disaster after another, it is prone to a variety of problems, on the one hand to, struggling to meet customer demands and bad reputation, on the other hand, to put a lot of effort with suppliers on product quality problem wrangling, eventually, products The backlog and the default of suppliers’ money will hasten the demise of the light model.

as Angelo subsidiary of BONO, has its own production plant, can adjust the product cost and quality at any time, but BONO missed a chance to most people First impressions are strongest, after experiencing PPG and where the products of network purchase similar products produce psychological resistance, which affected the development of their own BONO in a certain degree, but BONO realized that the use of the principle of word-of-mouth marketing, the pseudo pyramid model, how to network marketing shirt in the future, we will have to wait and see.

leather industry, also appeared in the network marketing pioneer, Milene, to create high-grade leather as the goal of professional men’s leather goods brand, the author as an editorial, invited to Yangzhou Milene’s flagship store, "early Milene also do fine counter, but in order to make customers get more profits, we choose to take the network marketing mode, relying on fashion models and excellent quality, plus the flagship store to give customers zero distance experience, I believe we can make consumers satisfied with the" store manager told me, when I asked how to avoid the problem of return after the purchase, he told me, "