How to get rid of the trouble of manual intervention in Shanghai love

2, outside the chain of high quality

3, the quality problem: while maintaining the daily updates to the site, but the quality is poor, most of them are copied to the user role is small, so love Shanghai for such websites artificial intervention.

A lot of people are not optimistic about the

preferred us first to find out what is the "love Shanghai manual"

search engine is love new things, if we can publish original articles regularly, love of spiders in Shanghai will also be based on your regular day crawling your site, so soon love will give Shanghai website weight. This is like a newspaper, if you every day the newspapers have new news, then the consumer is willing to buy.

recently have friends asked me their website of the optimization settings are ready, the original articles and the chain every day to update the high quality, but the rankings have been stagnant, asked me this is not love Shanghai artificial intervention? The following shsengqi Adidas technology on this issue to share with you.

1, to update the original article


why "love Shanghai artificial intervention? Love Shanghai manual intervention for the following reasons:

Shanghai Longfeng know website optimization is the white hat Shanghai dragon, also has a black hat Shanghai dragon, some web site is through the black hat cheating site optimization, so love Shanghai to carry on the manual intervention drop right, is a warning and prompt. There is, the website is normal up to do, but the user experience is not good, love Shanghai in order to avoid these sites around the technology close but not with the user experience, have different degree of manual intervention treatment ranking results.

1 new sites, through the optimization of fast get good rankings, bring a lot of traffic, but the change is too fast, the robot has not yet found your site if there are cheating on your website content is beneficial to the user remains to be verified, so there is a manual intervention ranking.

chain, that is, the role of the chain in fact, the chain is also divided into quality, if you are outside of the chain from the portal, then the effect was great. So we need to find some weight higher platform, release the anchor text link, but not in those small forum dry the site put up, the anchor text is more than more than the super link >


2, chain of stability: Links instability, chain problems and short time appear a lot of garbage back links, may lead to the artificial intervention site.

how to get rid of "love Shanghai artificial intervention"

4, the instability of the host domain name: if your website content is very good, very popular in Shanghai and the user’s favorite, but the host regular downtime, will also affect the love of Shanghai on the website of the rating, if the long-term is not stable, is likely to drop right.

Optimization of website structure webmaster how to reasonable

According to the

navigation, or the content in the hyperlink, some people use a relative path, some absolute path, what is the example:

(map website optimization)

we have been talking about how to do the site external optimization, such as how to increase the chain, where the promotion, but many webmaster friends do not pay attention to the optimization of the site structure, which is the internal optimization, I also ignore this aspect. But this time has been in Lou song song website optimization, but also to talk about how to optimize the site structure, this paper lists a lot of my common problems, I hope useful for everyone.

absolute path: text

so in search engines when there will be a lot of trouble, such as duplicate page, according to my experience, we can do a 301 redirect, make unified domain name. But it is not enough, while the Index.html will still be included, then we put the Sitelinks unified to the root domain, many owners will ignore this problem Index.html.

1:URL standard


directory weight than.Html high weight, so this part also use the directory form, there is no need to "absolute Lou song song



2: relative path and absolute path



have to use different domain name to display the same content, we use rel=" canonical" tag added above. The details set out to help illustrate the noble baby webmaster canonical usage, see.


Many webmaster think


3: the directory structure or.Html

Relative path:

observation of my blog, focusing on Shanghai dragon friends use the absolute path optimization effect is better, especially if the picture using the absolute path, the search engine is easily included in your site to grab pictures. And do the RSS output, the hyperlink will also retain the flow, easy to introduce. The relative path to save the code, but not easy to be collected, but this is a minor.

URL refers to the standardization process of search engine will select the most appropriate URL as the real Web site. For example, a new station in you without any set of circumstances in fact there will be 4 URL, for example:


Is the underground TLA worth the riskPersonal Adsense network earn two new way out

      however, we must see that the current TLA Text Link Ads market atrophy is quite powerful, especially more and more advertisers to evacuate the income question but the risk is great, the direct consequence is the income obtained by TLA decline line blog. Although at present is still higher than most of Chinese advertising alliance.

a Chinese click, but one or two cents, a click in English is dozens of cents, and even some one click as much as a dozen dollars.

2, CJ, an advertising alliance based on sales commissions.

      in 2007 the Spring Festival is over, many individual owners are considering new way out,  

      one way out: Earn foreigners’ money! Although many domestic advertising Union, but the conversion rate into money is too low, good faith and poor, originally not much income, but also often exploited by advertising unions.

      if you do stand level, and promotion site experience also, then consider considering foreign language station. Take English for example. In English click ads, most of each click is more than 10 times more than chinese.

      Chinese on blogger, want to get through their own blog commensurate with income, it is very difficult. The biggest problem is that the income of narrow channels: AdSense although easy to use, almost any blog may use to Jane, but Chinese AdSense revenue seems to be far from satisfactory, many friends even give up AdSense; X of the alliance seems to be born not for The atmosphere was foul. honest blogger prepared statement: – have no intention of joining the X alliance website of disrespect, Chinese Internet environment on the case of the horse YAHOO home mother despite the good reviews, but always let people see Huanghu fast "X alliance" trend, may soon be back to the "right track" hurricane flow up, not suitable for most blog sites; as for the topic of advertising, I declined to comment; and the foreign advertisers to Chinese site alert, do not have reason to believe that, a lot of talk about   Don’t accept Chinese website.

if you have a Chinese station, you can get 1000 monthly income every day if you have 5000ip and do Chinese language station. If you have an English station and have 5000ip traffic every day, it will be easy to charge 2000 dollars a month.

      recently, FeedBurner is the harmonious event, although it did not affect too much in use but FeedBurner advertising system due to the same FAN using the "feeds.feedburner" domain provides advertising code, but basically be playing semi disabled, almost can be said Chinese blog lost a reliable the source of income. May be forced to, many friends will focus gradually shifted to the TLA Text Link Ads.

shlf1314 AdSense alliance Firefox browser promotion, a Chinese download 0.1 U.S. dollars, 8 cents, which for the Chinese webmaster, it has been very good. But what about an English download? Direct is 1 dollars, equivalent to RMB is 8 yuan. Like Keso blog, tens of thousands of traffic every day, if keso open an English blog, the daily traffic can also reach tens of thousands of IP English traffic, that monthly income of tens of thousands of dollars is not a problem. kseo left oak. Consider this strategy. There are two main types of advertising alliances in foreign countries:

      by TLA Text Link Ads can obtain income?

      in fact, this shrinking trend report Paid to shlf1314 in Links Matt Cutts April given to Paid Links shlf1314, sounded the war horn when it has started, although caused considerable doubts, but said the Text Link A>

brand promotion with these strokes, July activities set off 500-1000 yuan

      of course.

1, shlf1314, AdSense, the click of the commission based advertising alliance.
    shlf1314; AdSense seal account is particularly fierce, be careful, do not play small smart. That way, shlf1314 won’t give you the money and K your account number.
    if you don’t have a shlf1314 AdSense account, and did not know of shlf1314 AdSense,

      however, this is not a wise choice is worth discussing.

    in accordance with the sales commission model, in the United States has been running very successful, most of the list is a conversion can be a commission of tens of dollars. China has many experts rely on such alliances, earn tens of thousands of dollars per month.

Most of Shanghai dragon training value is decided by oneself

this is some sinister organizations often use a trick on the surface is very good, in fact, hidden mystery. As a technology, learning situation of Shanghai dragon no one can It differs from man to man., said 100 percent guarantee that you can learn, there will not be any company talk for you to find a job, and they say they will have small 99, so today I will combine their own knowledge and say.

on the first, it is free, but he teach you things are written some of the basic content of the preparation, such as resource construction techniques and the chain platform, these things can be found on the Internet, what value does not exist. But they will use the form of homework to let you free to help them when workers complete some chores, even if you finally can not participate in the subsequent training, also do not have what loss for them, because they didn’t in this.

said the study will mention Shanghai dragon theme today – Shanghai dragon training as an industry will have any technical training branch, Shanghai dragon is no exception, we fell in love with sea just search Shanghai dragon training will have hundreds of results, then the face of the hundreds of choices, as a novice and we should choose which? I think the choice of most people will focus on the search results page, but we should know that some search ranking is the money to do it, even the natural search results do not rule out the use of black hat techniques, so in such an environment, I think as a novice in the choice of Shanghai Dragon training also more careful, try to choose A5, Shanghai dragon why such well-known institutions, if they have other reasons to choose other, but also can In order to. But we should pay attention to the following details.

1. free training class

3. is a teacher teaching, learn to learn freely again

although the industry there are still some people think Shanghai dragon is at an end, in the double squeeze bidding and brand, website optimization effect has been weakened, but I want to say is for a new station, or a grass-roots brand, Shanghai dragon still is an important way to get free traffic, it is inevitable however, because of this reason, Shanghai dragon will not to disappear, so everyone in the Shanghai dragon on appropriate time to learn, is still very necessary.

2. employment security, the signing of the contract work, a monthly salary of 4000+

employment security, the signing of the contract work, a monthly salary of 4000+. If you see this sentence, would you believe it? If I were you, I won’t believe, because Shanghai Longfeng industry wages are basically is profitable in search of the first-tier cities, the chain commissioner general do long has 3000 salary, executive level will get 5000+ for salary. You are a rookie, others will be silly enough to give you a competent level >

some black institutions often say:

Wang Xiaodong in the face of problems included a new station on the line of what we should do.

new station on the line was faced by search engines, the general method of operation is like search engine submission and then stand outside the weight of the high place to do some outside the chain and guide the spider crawling, and etc.. In the face of problems included I think everyone is such a step, but why do some stations can soon be included, even is the second, and some stations are struggling in the closed and do not accept such a "difficult" position. The methods used are the same, but the results are not the same, the only explanation is that the site was included in the face of problems, problems are only differences in each hand site is the largest, with the hand just a second small Master point reading pen station: 贵族宝贝xiaodr贵族宝贝 how to build the website itself bold guess can accelerate the speed of the collection. (picture not, damn)

INDEX command: tell search engines crawl the page

The first obstacle

NOINDEX command: tell the search engines are not allowed to crawl the page

FOLLOW command: tell the search engine can find links from this page, and then continue to crawl down access.

site preparation:

< META NAME=" ROBOTS" CONTENT=" NOINDEX, FOLLOW" > here, META NAME=" ROBOTS" refers to all search engines, here we can also refer to a search engine, such as META NAME=" noble baby bot" META, NAME=" Baiduspide" etc.. Content has four commands: index, Noindex, follow, nofollow, command to English "," separated.

NOFOLLOW command: tell search engines to find links, refused to allow access from this page.

two, enrich the content of

on the site at the beginning of the line, the best can be as much as possible to enrich website content, at least to each plate content page enriched, so not only on the content of the original value and also to have a good grasp of the purpose of doing so is to work on the website external links into "lure" to search.

, block search engines crawl

after the site has been in the best binding domain name, website has not completely perfect shield to search engine, we should be very clear not to say, here is the shielding search engine code, just add the following code in the page meta tags can be achieved in a shield.

Lele let’s read it www.du8Wangzhuan trick 139 mailbox secret

2, recruitment requirements: demand, urgent, high profits, low requirements for applicants typing, unlimited time and office address, you need to register 139 mailbox.

these are 139 registered mail tricks, I believe we can be sure to keep their eyes open, do not be deceived, together against the Wangzhuan liar! The original please indicate the copyright of

uses typing to lure users into registering 139 mailboxes; case sites: GG search: " recent recruitment; 139 mailbox "


more information as in the League: top.admin5/u
to join Admin5 alliance channel, please contact the
if you are a Union Commissioner, please give me the latest information feedback, we in the first time to report to you. Feedback

3, online Q & A: again promised not to receive money, delivery time is not limited, a variety of ways to pay, the only mandatory registration 139 mailbox.

let’s analyze, how he is a step by step to cheat the majority of Internet users fooled:

1, starting with a company name. XXX printing packaging Co., Ltd., it is best to bring a little taste of literature.

, all kinds of mode are also many, all sorts of tricks a lot, today I will let everyone see the use of the same trick do Wangzhuan 139 E-mail Promotion of their own money case! There are a lot of use 139 mailbox promotion way, I find some of the most commonly used here for everyone to see. Or will we provide alert, no pie in the sky.

6, payroll list.

hoax analysis:

A lot of people do Wangzhuan Wangzhuan

4, 139 registration tutorial. emphasis on non payment, and registration is simple require users to fill in registration information, the reason is unknown.

5, "salary" issued a statement, once again stressed the requirement to register 139 mailbox, you can receive money.


1, crackdown: tell the broad masses of job seekers, XX company recruitment does not receive any fees better than cheat registration fee, pressure gold company

. The advertiser names: the student is read www.du8
* advertisers: Beijing scholar since   1996  years since its inception, has been committed to replace the traditional paper based on digital technology, provide related products, technologies and services. A company in this field to master the core technology, digital technology and domestic paper market pioneer and leader, global competitiveness is China very few master   IT  one of the core technologies of industrial software company. Scholar read it, is the construction and operation of the Beijing scholar company web site, has 120 thousand of the signing author and more than 10 volumes of books. Read it, the ebook portal, the leading e-book reading, sales and communication platform. The student is read to help readers to continue reading the book selection, happy to find books, buy books, solve the difficulties, to experience a new digital reading,   and built a bridge of communication and interaction between authors and readers, publishers.
* delivery type:   CPC
* 4Standard: 0.03 yuan /
* week settlement mechanism: the data returned valid data returned. The valid data

2, according to the formal website ideas to build a web site.

3, recruitment of part-time staff of the type is the most common method is the most extensive, we should be able to see a lot of website advertised high salaries to recruit personnel, a monthly salary of thousands, but also as long as typing can, shlf1314 advertising, you must register into the point, there are 139 registered mail. Hey! Fox’s tail was finally exposed to it, as long as we registered they will be divided into thousands of things, as for salary, I would like to say no more!

I was in Shanghai dragon face life and work should have what kind of attitude

" you as a doctor at least light.

although the relatives do not know what it is, but with a few words, such as the good work, do a good job like.

" well, if you take care of business, want to come back anytime. " Wang helpless sigh.

Xiao Yu is a face relaxed closed the door, thinking: I do Shanghai dragon, to continue to stay here until no future.

" home decoration house? You can leave it, after decorating the house back to work no problem, your performance is very I recognized, is your future. " Wang a serious look.

whenever there is such a problem, small Yu always proud of relatives said: I was in Shanghai dragon.

returned home to a small town, under the car, no one to pick up small space, because of busy life bound to help people, not a taxi, taxi to the destination at least 5 blocks, 5 blocks in the town to eat a bowl of flour, Zitta alone with luggage for twenty kg is two kilometers away.

small Yu in the county have few friends, because the most friends outside work, only a few small town again, Yu eyes, hometown of stone road into the asphalt road, the height of the house also reached the top 32 floors, but the small Yu but feel very strange, then a friend invitation next, the East West into the collision found about the good hotel.

November, the weather in Guiyang is far more than other places to be cold, autumn wind blowing in the face like pinprick, Xiaoyu decided to go home.

" Wang, my family to decorate the house, have to go back, so you want to apply for leave procedures! "


" yes, rich people like me, then when the clinic interns, do not know what time can afford a car loan, or go out to work well, can make money. " small mystifying along with B.

" uh… Because… After decorating the house is ready for marriage, if married, did not know whether or not it, so just choose to leave. "

" did you hear? I heard recently D small car, the price is not cheap. " in the small space next to the small a careful to speak.

second day relatives know Xiao Yu came back, and ready to eat meals, in the eyes of relatives, like Xiao Yu into the city have higher cultural baptism of literary youth, asked the most is: what did you do in the city.

friends met and began greeting each other, but the topic mostly cannot do without complaining about life.

Note the construction of Shanghai Longfeng five outer chain optimization


five: the best way to increase the site outside the chain, that is the chain through the soft Wen, get not only stable, but also can not be removed by others reproduced, increasing the chain site, others take the initiative to reprint articles will not be easily removed, so that the chain is usually stable so, soft Wen is the best source of the chain, can now place the text of course is stationmaster net, every day there are many webmaster here reproduced

three: internal site of the original article is appropriate to add some of the anchor text links, this is very friendly to search engine spiders, can help get more extended inside the site, grab the number will be more, so we need to add a keyword anchor text link appropriate update the day in the inside very good, this is very helpful for the optimization of the chain in

! soft!Finally, ! !

for Shanghai dragon website optimization, the most important is the construction of the chain, as long as the number of the chain is enough, the quality of the chain is good enough, then your website weight is not very difficult to want to rise, as long as you look at the websites of the annual salary of 300 thousand webmaster which has hundreds of thousands of millions of high quality outside the chain ah, more visible outside the chain of high quality, your site will be more successful, so for the Shanghai dragon optimization staff, how to get so many high quality of the chain? That will have to know the following five items in

two: the chain construction need every day, do not break, with the passage of time we found the web site outside of the chain will be more and more attention to the quality in the construction of the chain, but also to increase in number, these two aspects are indispensable, to increase the site outside of the chain can’t use mass software, it will produce some adverse effects on the


four: to ensure the stability of the chain, sometimes we one day in the forum made a lot of the chain, feel a sudden love Shanghai chain record increased a lot, but the chain inside these forums is extremely unstable, this may also can be calculated for the chain, can you tomorrow the chain is the Forum moderator to delete, so the chain suddenly reduced a lot, so the optimization of instability of the chain of the site is no help, so we send the chain to have a stable character, but also need the quality and quantity of

: Although the chain number is very important, but the construction of the chain can’t no law, because the chain construction is a long process, and even a few years time, so we will not be able to take a few years of work done in a day, we plan to increase the high quality of the chain every day so, can make the normal growth of

is to optimize the site outside the chain is not so complicated, as long as we have a very strong executive power, and take the time to build, so after a month, a year later, you will be amazed to find that your website has a high weight, your website has started for your profit who, before you

Through the love of Shanghai snapshot server to determine whether a site is artificial intervention

cache.baidu贵族宝贝 is the webmaster should know love Shanghai today to analyze the snapshot server, snapshot server to optimize the pros and cons of love Shanghai. When some friends may view statistics in the web site to see the background, or log on the website see the antecedents, the careful hello. Below I talk about some of the antecedents of knowledge cache.baidu贵族宝贝 access.

In order to verify the

, however, is to open the site after a week in Shanghai, love crazy: information not seconds received, and the love of Shanghai began plucking, every day at a speed of more than one hundred hair, then snapshot; fortunately the word did not decrease, but after domain or site have not normal. The spear, the reasons for the Neimeng a week. However, the log on the website suddenly found a large number of cache.baidu贵族宝贝 road access, which caused their vigilance. It is the love of Shanghai conducted a manual review of the site? Because of the other sites before I have also appeared a few times and cache.baidu贵族宝贝 antecedents access, both at the Shanghai love survey visit website snapshot has been drop right phenomenon, later on the Internet to find cache.baidu贵族宝贝 article did not talk about love and artificial audit related to Shanghai the two days before the love of Shanghai after the big update came several cache.baidu贵族宝贝 visit, just a few days ago the search results page is not included. Sometimes sometimes back into the website snapshot, which makes the site like drunk driving the same. View the site log, love Shanghai spiders everywhere is 20000, that is included in the success, only to a few times, somehow also included success. It is there love Shanghai is artificial, the server is not stable, don’t.

some time ago one of my free information website (1shebei贵族宝贝) due to the record off half a month, and said that the station did not record in the Hongkong server, can also speed up the development, the basic is the second, and generally made up of long article search words have on the ranking. This also won a lot of the collection site (the origin of the way a lot of directly enter the URL that is open). IP is also a ferry antecedents to more than 200 every day. For doing this station considering the space requirements are relatively large, so I have to hate the heart to close the station for the record, in a large space on the Internet at home; here I Chinese expressed extreme dissatisfaction and protest, why can’t it on the Internet for the record,… (omit one million words). But the station still can continue to keywords ranking, and the second, which makes me feel a quiet little spurting.

website, I micro snapshot, log, access to the site to three or four times per hour, every day users to update the content, hair even. A week to summarize the following problems:

website whether early or late, is able to access and speed is also OK, that is not.

The Shanghai dragon skill you all know

1, the chain by competitors, if you do not know the path of the chain, where competitors may wish to look at it, by domain: a competitor’s site, you can find rival external chain. Analysis of some competitors, you can get more chain. The chain don’t cling to a website, suggested that the ten thousand chain scattered in one thousand sites, each site ten chain, and suggested that the ten thousand chain scattered in ten sites, each site one thousand chain, which causes after the explanation.

5, see the advantages of competitors, a website ranked higher, must have outstanding place, your site is not good, certainly not a good place. We must get out of their own narcissism, to observe a competitor’s site, from them.

3, every article to make a clear distinction between paragraphs, whether it is released to the third party of the site, or, released at the site of the article, to sub conscious, this habit. Generally speaking, segmented text is not more than five, and the segmented text about the same, if you are going to each of the five lines of text into a paragraph, then the best of each text is about five lines, so that the whole article looks very neat, not to say what the quality, at least to give the user a fresh and comfortable feeling.

Shanghai dragon has new owners, there are old old webmaster webmaster, knowledge of Shanghai dragon more, because many Shanghai Longfeng experiences are obtained through practice, even if you took the most awesome Shanghai dragon training, beginner or novice, veteran still is a veteran, the gap between the two not a short time can make up for the. What skills do Shanghai dragon, and these skills you know, although I am not a Shanghai dragon master, but is willing to put their skills to share, learn together, work together to improve.

2, access to business opportunities through signature and message to me, I have been doing is products of station, and I find the method is very simple, is often visit some Shanghai dragon forum and Shanghai dragon blog, get information through signature and message, especially some long forum signatures, many of which are do product station. We can pay attention to these signatures, access to other site information, to see whether these products worth doing, if you find a business, you can immediately take action, I often find the resources in this way.

4, an important part of the article gives the annotation, when some important keywords appear in the article, with bold or other colors to mark, please note: given the annotation is to remind the user to tell the user, the importance of this part of the label, not for search engines to be labeled to mark, don’t label. Some people mistake annotation to search engine keywords, as long as there is bold, this is a kind of behavior is retarded. Tagging is to arouse the user’s attention, there is no any effect on the Shanghai dragon.